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SUP Clinic with 10x World Champion Connor Baxter at the ProSayulita SUP Open 2024

Always have fun and never give up!

February 29 & March 1-3


Connor Baxter is a water sports phenom.

Raised on the water, Connor began competing in Windsurfing and Surfing events at the age of 8.
By 14, he was surfing the biggest waves in the world – becoming the youngest person to ever windsurf the infamous Jaws break.
At 16, Connor shifted his focus to Stand-Up Paddle and immediately became the sport’s prodigy after setting a world record at the Molokai-2-Oahu World Championships, 4 minutes ahead of the closest competitor.

Now 24, Connor’s accolades have only grown more impressive. He is the Stand Up Paddle World Champion, the Fastest Paddler on Earth, five-time SUP Athlete of the Year, five-time Male Paddler of the Year, Battle of the Paddle Champion, Pacific Paddle Games Champion and has more than 100 first place finishes.

Connor has been riding for Starboard since he was 5 years old, currently 19 years on board!

Don’t miss this opportunity to rub shoulders with Connor and learn and hang out with this legendary Waterman!

During the Pro Sayulita SUP OPEN a limited number of SUPer’s will have this chance, so book your spot today!




Full Camp (4 days): $250.00 USD

1 Day: $100.00 USD


Thursday 29 SUP distance clinic:

– Paddle technique at the pool

– Race course planing and strategy

– ⁠Pre race preparation

Race starts, beach starts/ water starts

– ⁠Drafting

– Buoys turns

– Mental game


Friday 1 sup technical race:

– Paddle technique

– ⁠Race planing

⁠- Ocean awareness

– Beach starts

⁠- Passing waves

⁠- Buoy turns (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

– Passing other racers

⁠- Caching and surfing waves

– Wave dismounts and beach run

Connors competitors team Saturday and Sunday

Saturday 2

– ⁠Meet up at skipper meeting 8am

– ⁠Race map review

⁠- Race strategy

⁠- Visualization, prepare for  best case scenario and worse

⁠- Pre race warm up

⁠- Race start alignment and importance

– Technical race participation

⁠- Race cool down and proper stretch techniques

– ⁠Race evaluation

Sunday 3

–  Skippers meeting

⁠- Pre race hidratación checks( this will be making sure they all drank the amount of water the day before, evaluate that there hidration set up is correct and optimal for this race)

– ⁠Race map review

⁠- Race strategy

⁠- Beach starts alignment

– Race participation

– Cool down, stretch, race talk

– Over all race participation analysis

– Personalized training program

– Good by dinner