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Punta Mita Beach Festival 2017 A Huge Hit!!!

Punta Mita Beach Festival

It was a great weekend at the Punta Mita Beach Festival at the exclusive Kupuri Beach Club this past weekend.

Among the unique experiences that happened was a yoga session with Zaira Gómez, lots of aquatic activities led by Adam Finer and the energetic team of Punta Mita Ocean Sports, among which are Fernando Stalla, Stand Up Paddle international champion.

Next it was the search of the underwater treasure at Punto Iguano, a snorkel adventure that consists on a banana ride to the snorkeling area, where kids and adults had a blast.

In the Inflatable Beach Soccer tournament, the champions were the Marlins. There was a lot of excitement and good plays.

The Classic Starship Race was a success both days, it showed the strength of teamwork as well as the strategies of each of the team members. The winners at the final race were Los Ingleses, the team consisting of: Carl Emberson, Rodney Rosenstein, Brendan Wood and Hugo Van Belle.

Saturday’s main event was the Kupuri Derby, an exciting race that shows the diverse activities that Punta Mita Ocean Sports offers, the participants chose between stand up paddle boards, kayaks, catamaran and canoe outrigger.

Sunday’s big competition was the Titan SUP Cross Race, a challenge for people of all ages. Kids and adlults completed an obstacle course with a stand up paddle and swimming race.

Here are the winners of the competitions.

Beach Soccer Championship

2nd.- KUPURI JR.

Punta Mita Beach Festival - Champions

Classic Starship Race

1- LOS INGLESES:Carl Emberson, Rodney Rosenstein, Brendan Wood, Hugo Van Belle.
2nd.- #PUNTAMITA: Gabriela Gómez, Guillermo Martínez, Gabriel Hernández, Maarten Dandenberg, Alexandra Ivansevic.

Kupuri Derby – Overall

1 Horacio Garcia Open SUP Male
2 Team Hamilton Outrigger Canoe 4
3 Rod Rosenstein Open SUP Male
4 John Murphy Prone
5 Team Maddox Kayak 2
6 Veronica Finer SUP Female
7 Team Febreka Hobie Cat

Kupuri Derby – Men SUP

1 Horacio Garcia
2 Rod Rosenstein
3 Dash

Kupuri Derby – Women SUP

1 Veronica Finer
2 Xochitl Gallardo

Kupuri Derby – Kids SUP

1 Sofia Finer
2 Dalilah Massey

Titan SUP Cross Race

 -45 years Jonathon Smart

Brendan Wood

 -49 years Horacio Garcia

Rodney Rosenstein

– 50  years Carl Emberson
 Female  Ana Paula


 Junior  Sebastian



 Kids  Sofia Finer

Dalilah Massey

Jose Pablo

The DJ and the reggae group livened up the event during the day and evening, as well as the culinary experience at charge by the executive chef Pato Pérsico and invited chefs. There were very exciting moments throughout the event, being this fifth edition an exceptional experience, proving that Punta Mita is one of the most exclusive destinations in the world.


We look forward to seeing you at next years edition!!