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Surf Mexico presents the SUP Polo World Games Riviera Nayarit

Surf Mexico presents the SUP Polo World Games Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit, May 18, 2015 Surf Mexico and Starboard were proud to present the first ever International SUP Polo World Games this week in the beautiful La Tranquila Resort and Spa in the Riviera Nayarit…


La Tranquila Resort & Spa – an ideal setting for the World Wide launch of SUP Polo World Games.

SUPPoloWorldGames 14

SUP Polo is the latest creation from the innovators at Starboard… and its a Hit!!! Everyone who tried absolutely loved it, from kids to first time paddlers, to professionals in town for the ISA WORLD GAMES in Sayulita … Ice hockey meets lacrosse… meets soccer…. fast action, ball handling, balance.. wow… to much fun.. a game of strategy and SUP skill in a team atmosphere.

SUP Polo is here to stay..!

SUPPoloWorldGames 8

Juan Pablo Tron drops the hammer for the Mad Groms….

28 International teams signed up to complete for the big Trophy, Medals, and Tequila…  Big shout out the to the sponsors.. Punta Sayulita, Riviera Nayarit, Starboard, La Tranquila, Surf Mexico..


Some high caliber celebrity SUP and Paddle boarders added to the excitement… Beau O’Brian, Jordan Mercer, Rhys Burrows, Terrene Black from Team Australia, the Talma brothers from Barbados, Bart de Zwart from Holland, Giorgio Gomez from USA, Lina Augaitis, Tamas Buday and Team Canada, Chris Parker from SUP Racer, Glynn Ovens, Holly Bassett, Matt Barker, Ollie Shilston, Simon Bassett from Great Britain, George Cronstead, Raihei Tapeta, Eric Leou-on from Tahiti, Sweden, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Claro Sports Columbia, Local phenom Groms, John David Woodcock, Juan Pablo Tron, Marco Mignot, Sayulita local legends… Fernando Stalla, Sergio Gonzalez, Z, Rob, etc etc…

SUPPoloWorldGames 4

Rob gets his game face on…

SUPPoloWorldGames 16

The SUP World games opened the play with two days of open practice so the teams could get some pool time… Since nobody had done it before, except for the young crowd favorites the Mad Groms.. who chalked up experience at the Bucerias Classic… Everyone made good use of the practice days…Yes its true.. Teamwork made the dreamwork, the Mad Groms had it together, and taking a page out of Gordie Howes playbook they had hustle, they hit, and they didn’t quit..!

SUPPoloMexico - 16

Some of the team members of finalist “Mad Groms” had a sneak preview to SUP Polo the previous week at the Bucerias Classic.

The first round was full of laughs as some newcomers to SUP discovered what it was like to do three things on a SUP at once… everyone had a blast, and wanted to keep playing, but when the sun set on day 1 – 16 games played left us with 8 advancing teams to to the semi finals…


The future stars of SUP Polo wowed the crowd in the half time kids under ten game…

Day 2

The semi finalist arriving for day 2 warmups were in tune and had there game faces on. Strategy was the talk of the teams, and it was prevelant from the first throw in that the teams were serious..

SUPPoloWorldGames 7

Jose Luis Caselin called the play by play action..

The Final four teams were Mad Groms, Team Starboard, Team Action and Team Great Britain, and it was anyones call who would take the title. All four were looking strong..


Semi finals left us with Mad Groms and Team Starboard for the finals.. It was an action packed final that did not disappoint! The Mad Groms – John David Woodcock, Juan Pablo Tron, and Marco Mignot, had the passing game down, and were the obvious crowd choice…

SUPPoloWorldGames 12

Double ISA medal winner Lina Augaitis and Team Canada representing…


Team Starboard headed up by Team Captain Bart De Zwart, had a full contact strategy, and by making a last minute trade seconds before the final, had stacked his line up with the Boss Mann Chris Parker from SUP Racer…


The young and talented Mad Groms receiving huge support from the crowd…


Tie for third place with Team Action and Great Britain… Tequila & trophies all around!


Team Starboard takes the Gold Medal… Leo, Chris, Bart…


A close game and some great sportsmanship led to a one point win by Team Starboard, but on the podium the team handed of the trophy to the young Mad Groms.




Photo credit to Charles Glez Photo.