Surf Mexico Kids Camps

Kids Camps

Surf Mexico Kids Camps

The Kids Camps are designed to teach kids water sports such as Stand Up Paddle, Surfing, Sailing, Water Safety and Environmental Education.

Our program is run in an inclusive, non-competitive environment with real focus on building self-esteem. We use games, drills & activities to ensure that our SUPKids walk away with vital water safety skills that will stay them for life. We’ve taken environmental education out of the classroom, to the outdoors, where we think it belongs.

With a passion for SUP comes a responsibility to take care of our environment. Our vision is to create experiences for our SUPKids that will enhance their appreciation, respect & understanding for sustainable living.

Surf Mexico Kids Camps

Kids Camps are based on five core lessons and has been developed for kids aged 5-12.
It can be delivered as a 5 day camp (during school holidays), or as a condensed one day activity.

We believe that when kids fall in love with an outdoor sport, they fall in love with the outdoors.
And kids who love their planet become ambassadors for taking care of it.

Surf Mexico Kids Camps
Surf Mexico Kids Camps
Surf Mexico Kids Camps

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Surf Mexico Kids Camps

Lesson 1 – Safe SUP

Lesson 1.1 SUPKids Rules

Lesson 1.2 Hazard Maps

Lesson 1.3 Water Session: Rope Rescues

Lesson 2 – SUP Adventures

Lesson 2.1 Understanding Our Oceans

Lesson 2.2 Micro Adventures

Lesson 2.3 RIP Currents

Lesson 2.4 Water Session: Micro Adventures

Surf Mexico Kids Camps
Surf Mexico Kids Camps

Lesson 3 – Ocean Plastics

Lesson 3.1 Micro Plastics

Lesson 3.2 Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Lesson 3.3 Water Session: Paddle and Pick

Lesson 4 – Healthy SUPKids

Lesson 4.1 Make Your Own Trail Mix

Lesson 4.2 Water Session: Surfing

Surf Mexico Kids Camps
Surf Mexico Kids Camps

Lesson 5 – Ambassador for the Planet

Lesson 5.1 Understanding Climate Change

Lesson 5.2 Last SUPKids Lesson

Lesson 5.3 Water Session: Rafts

SUP Kids Holiday Camp December 26th – 29th, 2018

SUPKids Spring Break April 15th – 18th, 2019

Surf Mexico Kids Camps

Upcoming Kids Camps

Summer Camp July 1st – 4th, 2019

Summer Camp July 8th – 11 th, 2019


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