Starboard 2016 Compact Sail Package 5.5

USD $649.00

The WindSUP Compact Sail Package is the ultra-compact model. It is light, easy to assemble and the easiest to transport and store. It uses a 4-piece mast and a 3-piece boom to minimize the storage size.

Key Features

  • 4-piece RDM mast provides flex and makes for easy transport and storage.
  • Dacron panels for a smooth power delivery.
  • New hook downhaul pulley for easier and cleaner rigging.
  • 3-piece Compact boom works as a normal boom but can be dismantled for easy storage.
  • Color-coded boom and mast extension settings make setting up the sail simple.
  • With the 4-piece mast and 3-piece boom, packing size is minimized.


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