Starboard 2015 Freeride – Waterman Package 12’2″ x 30″

Rental Price: USD $100.00

The Freeride 12’2″ x 30″ is our highly recommended board with a special shape that brings back the joy of a beautiful glide and smooth planing.

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The ASAP models are built in Starboard’s ultra-strong ASAP construction, with a thermo-EVA rail finish for user friendliness and added durability. The ASAP models are fitted with a fixed center fin instead of a retractable daggerboard: they keep the weight low and make the boards more efficient for paddleboarding and light wind windsurfing. In stronger winds, the user must return to the beach to remove the center-fin manually.

The WindSUP Freeride 12’2” is a special model that is available in ASAP and Electric WindSUP as described above, plus an extra option: Electric ‘Planing’.

This special model doesn’t have a retractable daggerboard like other Electric WindSUPs, it has a center fin like the ASAP model. Their fin set up, unique to these two WindSUP Freerides, uses what we call the Long Tail concept to offer an extremely nice glide that accelerates smoothly to planing speeds without the skilled technique, the cumbersome adjustable sliding mast tracks or the heavy daggerboard systems normally required by traditional designs.


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