Paddle Board Puerto Vallarta

Paddle Boarding in Puerto Vallarta's Los Arcos Mismaloya beautiful park

Beginner Paddle Board Tour in Puerto Vallarta

Surrounded by clear blue water, colorful fish and spectacular scenery, what better place to learn how to Stand Up Paddle? SUP is easy to learn no matter your age or size. In just two minutes, you’ll feel like you’re walking on water in a true tropical paradise. Eco-friendly, SUP is gas and motor free, allowing you to interact with nature in an incredibly unique way. And with just four people to each guide, your experience is refreshingly exclusive. Climb aboard!

Experienced and Secure Guides

The Sierra mountain range meets the Pacific Ocean in this beautiful fishing village where the Rio Mismaloya pours into the bay, providing a beautiful launch to our Stand Up Paddle adventure from Mismaloya to the stunning rock monuments of Los Arcos.

Custom and Personal Tour

Los Arcos has been a National Marine Park since 1984, the beautiful arches are protected as a breeding ground for pelicans and other seabirds. This set of rock grottos makes for a dynamic view atop our wide body stand up paddle boards, that make it easy to enjoy the stunning surroundings!

SUP n’ Snorkel in Paradise

Beneath incredibly clear water is a whole other world abundant with colorful marine life. Our guides take you on a snorkeling adventure through archways, caves and craters to reveal the hidden beauty under-the-sea. Discover the picturesque coral, fish in colors beyond the rainbow, giant manta rays and sea turtles.

Excursions every 2 hours!

The first departure is at 9:30 am to enjoy the full sunrise at the Arcos paradise, where you will be taken to the Arcos for a fun filled trip where you will enjoy the splendid sunset of Vallarta!

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